Questions and answers

Q: I saw product distributed from you with same colors, but under name NAMMAN MUAY and with different logo on the box. Is it different from N848 MUAY?

A: The product you saw is probably from an older batch. Design of our product has been changed because the old one didn’t pass all the EU regulations. Distributors of the old design can therefore face legal penalties. Currently all the products of N848 MUAY brand are certified in accordance with EU regulation 1223/2009 and are safe for distribution in all EU states.


Q: I heard about combat sport called Muay Thai. Does it have someting in common with your MUAY cream?

A: The combat sport you talk about is Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing. One of the toughest combat sports in the world. It is also a national sport in Thailand. Its fighers always used traditional herbal medicine to help them cure their sore muscles and bruises after hard training. N848 MUAY cream is based on this traditional recipe. It also took its name from this sport.
MUAY means „boxing“ in Thai language. That is why the creams and oils are commonly known as Thai Cream or Thai Linimment. Thai word for linimment is NAMMAN.


Q: I work in the office and sometimes have back pain and sore muscles from the seated job. Is your product suitable to help with this?

A: N848 MUAY product helps to calm down and sooth sore muscles regardless of the cause. For the office use we recommend N848 MUAY Spray that is manufactured by the same  traditional recipe as cream and oil. On top of that it is equipped with manual sprayer for convenient application and sold in 20ml bottle which fits in every suitcase or purse.


Q: My child is taking part in sports in the free time. Can N848 MUAY products be used for children?

B: N848 MUAY products are suitable for active people of all ages, even seniors. However it shouldn’t be used on kinds under 3 years of age, since their skin may be too sensitive. For more information please reffer to package leaflet or consult your physician or pharmacist.


Q: I used N848 MUAY Cream after the workout and felt strong heat on the skin after aplication. Is it normal?

A: N848 MUAY Cream contains ingredients that helps relax the muscles, this may cause a sensation of heat or cooling on the area of application. We do not reccomend to use the products after shower, when the blood vessels are widened – the heating effect may be too strong in this case. If you are not sure about your tolerance, please use the product on small area of skin before use. If you still find the feeling uncomfortable consult your physician – some people may be alergic to one or more ingredients.

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